International Languages and Gifted Program


 Building Leaders and Entrepreneurs for tomorrow !

International Languages Program based on Cambridge and CBSE Board

Kindergarten to 10th Grade International ICSE and CBSE languages program, to bridge gap between USA and International Schools curriculum.

Initial Courses offered

1. Spanish

2. Hindi

3. Sanskrit 

4. Mandarin

5. French

6. Cambridge Math and English


Train children for Public speaking, Leadership qualities, practical life exposure including Government, day to day financial operations, social interaction and develop critical thinking, and macro view while learning and experiencing practical life at Micro society level. 

Community Service

Exposure to young children for community service, while training youth and older children for volunteering to help build community service approach as required by many advanced college programs. 

International Student Exchange Program

Opportunity for USA students to attend few weeks of schooling in foreign countries to give them exposure to interact with diverse cultures and people interaction from young age.

World Culture

Opportunity to learn International cultural events, folk dances, food, singing and showcase talent during recitals. Train children for self defense, focus, attention and develop as Leaders and Entrepreneurs.